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Welcome to all from the Elm Grove Board of Directors.  The Association is charged with the responsibility of maintaining property values within our Village.  These goals are accomplished by providing amenities such as the pool, meeting room and parks while also maintaining their aesthetic appearance along with the common areas, which includes entrances and cul-de-sacs.  The Association maintains the aesthetics of the individual homes by aggressively enforcing the Protective Covenants (Deed Restrictions).  Elm Grove funds these activities by way of an annual assessment.  The Board of Directors has created this website in the hope that the residents of our community can become informed and educated to the activities of the Association and the community around them.  Property owners are encouraged to register so that full advantage of all the services offered here can be utilized.  If you are a homeowner in our community and have already registered and received your password, please log into the private side of the web site. If you have not registered yet, please complete the Login Request Form.  Feedback and inquiries are welcomed and appreciated.

The Board of Directors
Elm Grove Village Community Association 

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'Our Docs', information on Covenants and Guidelines